Laundry Pro®

with Certified Space Technologytm


The healthier, smarter way to do laundry.

Technology created for use on the International Space Station, adapted for your home.

Finally, laundry without chemicals, fragrances, softeners, or hot water. In goes dirty clothing, linens, and cold water. Oxygen and ActivePure® Technology lift out the dirt and grime. Out comes soft, clean, fresh laundry.


for your family

Eliminates the need for detergent and provides clean, soft laundry without fragrances, dyes, or fabric softeners.


for the Environment

Using just oxygen and cold water, the only things that run down the drain is water and the dirt from your laundry.


on your Wallet

Without needing to buy detergents and heat water, your family can save upwards of $500 a year.

Hassle-free total laundry solution

No need for detergent

Softer Clothes

Easy to use


Made in the USA

Built for sensitive skin

Brighter whites and colors

Make your laundry dreams a reality with Laundry Pro®