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Aprilaire 600

Is the dryness of your home's air under control?

Air that is not properly humidified can have serious implications

Dry air can have adverse effects on your health, making you more prone to catching a cold or the flu, triggering asthma in children, and itchy skin, eyes, and throat. It also causes damage to your home by cracking walls, woodwork, and hardwood. Dry air also makes your home feel colder, driving up your energy costs from overheating your home.

Thankfully with Aprilaire, you can take control of your home's air.

Household Problem:

Dry indoor air is MORE than just an inconvenience. It's a threat to the health and comfort of your family - as well as your budget.

An Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier Can Help You

Control Health

Increase Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Protect Your Home

Perfectly humidified air is within your control.

Aprilaire  whole-home humidifiers are installed as part of your heating and cooling system. That means they deliver perfect humidification throughout your entire home without multiple noisy, unsightly and difficult-to-maintain portable units. They also provide the perfect amount of humidity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Automatic Digital Control

The Aprilaire Automatic Digital Control mounts on your heating system and features Auto-Trac® to automatically deliver the optimal amount of humidity, regardless of conditions. It features a convenient display and indicators to let you know relative humidity levels, operation status and any service needs.

Wi-Fi Control of Indoor Air Quality

Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostats with IAQ Control provide the most convenient and accurate control of humidity and temperature. The thermostat works with the Auto-Trac® feature to automatically deliver optimal humidity. Automatic Humidity Control is intergrated into the thermostat, and with the app, you can easily control temperature and humidity levels from anywhere with your mobile device.

Aprilaire Basement Dehumidifiers

The basement is your space, PROTECT YOUR TERRITORY


Save up to $189 yearly on your electric bills

Protect your basement and your wallet

Invest in high capacity, high efficiency unit that works!

Aprilaire dehumidifiers remove up to 1/3 more water per day - keeping your basement mildew and odor free.

Standard dehumidifiers need to cycle on and off more frequently to keep up with basement dampness, causing extreme wear and tear on compressors. Invest in long term protection!

Years to reach 150,000 of-off compressor cycles*


*Based on average on-off cylces per day (CPD). Tested in actual basement conditions.

Top reasons to invest in an Aprilaire dehumidifier:


Remove odors and prevent mold & mildew growth



Designed for long life in damp basement conditions; 5-year all-inclusive warranty


Connects to drain; no need to constantly empty water

Designed and built in the USA

Ask us about the right solution to your indoor humidity problems.